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Light Worker Training
(Level 1)

Empower Your Light, Illuminate Your Path

A 6-month course consisting of 3 modules.

12 x 90-minute fortnightly connections. 

Limited seats.



The dawn of the Golden Age is here. Now more than ever before, the ability to shine your light and create a life beyond your wildest dreams is becoming the reality for so many, and soon the entire world. What role you play in the evolution of humankind, the planet and the universe is entirely up to you.


Amazing, exciting and just a little bit scary, right? Whether you are a Lightworker for yourself or for the entire world, awakening your dormant wisdom, codes and templates within you again is essential. After working as a Light Worker, Past Life Facilitator and  Intuitive Healer for the past 20 years, I have deliberately curated this program to share the essential skills and support you need to grow, evolve and transform into the Divine Being you know you truly are. And BE exactly what the world needs right now and in our exciting future.

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