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Higher Love

Raising Standards for True Love

What are you willing to accept in the name of love? Sometimes in relationships, we find ourselves in situations where we are left shaking our heads wondering how on earth it got to this. You are not alone, we have all been there.

It is often because we have never taken the time to actually seriously consider what we want in a relationship. We certainly know what we don’t want, but what do we actually WANT? 

You have been creating your own unique Love Standard since you started loving others. Mostly unconsciously, you have been making choices about love, what you won’t accept and what you will. Unfortunately, it is human nature to focus on what you don’t want more than what you do. So let’s stop that right now by focusing on what you truly want in Love by creating your Love Standard.

Knowing your Love Standard strengthens your commitment to the type of Love you desire and guides your relationship interactions into alignment of what  you truly desire. Understanding your unique Love Standard will save you from relationships that inevitably end in heartbreak.

Your Love Standard

“ Is a clear picture or a clearer emotional understanding of your best love life with your soulmate and sets a benchmark of the type of Love you will accept in your life moving forward. A commitment to your Love Standard is a firm intention that you will only accept potential partners who resonate with this purity of love OR HIGHER. It is felt right throughout the multiverses.” From 'Love of Your Life' by Siobhan Coulter

Taking time to write out your Love Standard brings it to life, and creates an energetic force that strengthens your Love desires within. It grows hope and brings what you want into focus thus assisting your manifestation of a great love relationship.

Bringing your Love Standard into your conscious awareness, allows you to refine it and purposefully use it to create better love relationships. After all, there is no point being in a relationship with someone who wants a different type of love relationship to you.

Singles: Your Love Standard provides you with a clear focus of your love intentions, behaviours and styles. These form the basis of what type of love relationship you want, what you are will to do and give, and what you won’t. Clarity is powerful and it sharpens your love manifestations.

When dating, let your Love Standard guide your selection of potential partners. If they don’t fit your Love Standard let them go out of your life. If they good fit, then continue to explore the relationship to see if other aspects of them suit you.

Partners: Let your Love Standard guide your efforts to strengthen and improve aspects of your relationship. Start with small things and slowly move them towards where you want them to be. Naturally communicate with your partner about what you are doing and where you want to take your relationship. Only create small change in areas where both partners agree to participate and do things differently. Once you achieve successful change in one area, then you can start on another relationship aspect.

Partner does not want to participate: Find an aspect of your Love Standard that you can change without them. Maybe it is how you communicate during disagreements or something else. Don’t let their resistance stop you from aligning you to your Love Standard. Besides, once they see how you are creating change for yourself, it might inspire them to do the same. 

What is important is that YOU live YOUR LOVE STANDARD and let your partner live theirs. It will make you happier to be living and doing things that you want in your life. Your confidence and self-acceptance will grow which of course will increase your happiness and joy in life.

So sit down and discover your Love Standard. It’s easier than you think and it’s an amazing tool to create positive change in how you feel about yourself and your love relationship.

Need help to uncover your Love Standard? I’ve successfully helped many individuals discover their Love Standard in their quest for True Love. Having a great love relationship is your birthright and I’m passionate about supporting others on their Love Journey to minimise heartbreak, learn their Love Lessons and manifest their soulmate with ease and grace. Contact me now to enjoy a better love life.


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