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Karmic Adventures

Updated: May 12

How to Upgrade Your Holiday Experience and Become a Conscious Energy Traveller

Where are you off too on your next break? Will you be exploring the mystical caves of Ipoh Malaysia, the bustling streets of London or somewhere equally enticing?

Karma calling: Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, there is a reason you are being led or drawn to a certain location. Besides being called by the amazing beauty of our gorgeous planet or a work assignment, we are called to certain locations for two specific reasons, to: 

  1. Clear karma, &

  2. Upgrade our energy.

Understanding karma: We have karma with all things in our life. As we live, we constantly create either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ karma. Obviously we want the karmic scales to be heavier with ‘good’ karma and as light as possible with ‘bad’ karma. 

Karma is created by our thoughts, actions and inactions. Yes, doing nothing can create karma. Whether it is good or bad karma will depend on the situation you find yourself in. As a general rule, to clear your’ bad’ karma, you need to use different actions to when the initial ‘bad’ karma was created. Choosing to be kind, patient, considered, understanding, forgiving, loving, compassionate and respectful rather than angry and aggressive can help clear karma. 

It is irrelevant as to whether it is a new location or not. Or if you have visited many times. Karma has its own timing and an opportunity to clear it will emerge when the time is right. 

Karma transcends lifetimes, so you can be a saint in this lifetime but still need to clear karma from previous lifetimes. It is a universal balancing system. It is not punishment or praise, just reaction to action. Similar to the movement of yin and yang. Movement is necessary for the expansion of ourselves and therefore the universe itself. 

Knowing whether or not you have karma to be cleared with a location and/or its people, is usually revealed by:

- the ease of your planning,

- the feeling of anticipation or dread leading up to the trip,

- dreams (good or bad), 

- events that occur during the holiday, and

- your interactions with the locals.

So if you are encountering problems with booking tickets and the like, it might be an indication that you have an opportunity to clear your karma.

No coincidences: At this point, I have to say, it is really easy to simply write off the above by calling it “bad luck” or saying “things sometimes just don’t work out”. But that’s not accurate and as a LightWorker, you know that is simply not true. There are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason, we just have to be patient and wait for that reason to come into our awareness.

Whilst we are waiting, there are things we can do. We can use the opportunity to choose to clear our karma and upgrade energetically as a bonus. Plus you can do it at any time, before you go, during your holiday. Or even afterwards. Remember, you are an energetic masterpiece, you can transcend time. 

Here are some simple steps to clear karma and receive energy upgrades. I trust that you will use your intuition and adjust the steps to your needs. 

  1. Consciously connect to the land and the people. Sit quietly, use your breathing to anchor yourself into your body and the present moment. Open your heart chakra and your third eye.

  2. Once you feel your body soften and relaxed, close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting in a sphere of pure crystal clear energy. Perhaps your sphere is sitting in the blue of the sky, or in the stars or somewhere else. As you breathe, become aware that the energy inside your sphere is calm, clear and kind. Try to have no expectations for what is about to happen. Just allow everything to unfold without any judgment.

  3. With a clear heart, set your intention to clear your karma with the land and the people.

  4. Holding the emotion of unconditional acceptance, consciously intend your energy to connect to the land and the people of your holiday destination. Imagine your energy moving out from your sphere where it gently and humbly connects with the ancestors and spirits of the land, the living people and the land itself.

  5. Allow the connection to flow in both directions, without judgment or expectations. 

  6. When the flow begins to ease, check your heart, is there anything else that needs to be done or said? If yes, do or say it now. 

  7. Now ask the land and the people to help you grow spiritually by asking something like ‘what do I need to know or understand?’ Allow yourself to receive the answer. It might take up to a minute but it is usually quick. Accept it in whatever form that it is given. Maybe a feeling, a lightness or wisdom. Trust that you will come to understand what it is at the right time and trust that you have definitely received it.

  8. When it feels right, draw your energy back into your sphere.

  9. Sit for a few moments to reconnect to your sphere of energy. You may notice that it feels different somehow, that is the adjustment to your karma release and the energy realignment. Breathe gently and focus on your Divine Light that sits within your chest. 

  10. Expand your Light, feeling its brightness moving throughout your energy field, cleansing… realigning… restoring… Shining like the morning sun. 

  11. Wrap your energy field in a radiant Divine golden light. Strong and complete. Return your awareness to your physical form by wiggling your fingers and toes. Place the palms of your hands together in a prayer position, resting your thumbs on your chest. Drop your head and give gratitude to the amazing journey you have planned for yourself and the guidance you are being offered. When you are ready, humbly lift your head and open your eyes and enjoy your next adventure.

Remember, there are 2 forms of karma. Negative, created by negative actions, thoughts and inactions and positive, created by positive actions, thoughts and inactions. Generally we are always clearing our negative karma and creating positive karma where possible.

Your power lies in your response: Whilst karma can lead us to a very existential perspective, it is useful to think about clearing your karma by reacting or rather responding differently to a situation. If you want to scream and shout, don’t. Be clear and considered. By changing your reaction, you clear your karma. It really can be that simple. 

So become a conscious energy traveler and clear your karma for a better holiday experience.


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