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Kids Meditation: Be Calm & Free

1 hr


The ability to feel calm and free is something we all need, especially our busy kids. Our sessions teach your child(ren) how to go within and connect to their inner calm and peace. They will learn through a combination of creative visualisation, brain gym, song and relaxation techniques.

Emotions and Love are Two Different Things Mini-Workshop



So many of us are confused about WHAT emotions are, WHY we experience them and HOW to deal with them effectively. More importantly, most people don’t realise that Love is NOT an emotion. Join Siobhan for this mini-workshop to learn more about your emotions and Love.


Understanding Our Past Lives & Regression Workshop


Have you ever been somewhere new, yet felt like you have been many times?  Have you met someone for the first time, but felt like you have known them all your life?  Are you drawn to eat food that your other family members don’t like? Have you ever considered that these could be past live connections that you are remembering?

Learn how your past life experiences impact on your everyday life including your likes & dislikes, family & friends and life direction.  Siobhan will also regress the group and support you as you heal and cleanse your past. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to understand yourself at a much deeper level.

Anxiety Free:
It’s time to start living again!

 6 hrs


One in seven people will experience symptoms of anxiety in their lifetime, yet it often remains undiagnosed, misunderstood and poorly treated. Anxiety Free is a treatment formula for chronic stress, panic and anxiety symptoms developed by psychotherapist Siobhan Coulter, drawing from her own experience with panic attacks and her work as a treating psychologist. Siobhan is passionate about educating others on how to treat these aliments so that they don’t have to suffer these debilitating symptoms. This informative and practical workshop will provide you with an overview of the knowledge and tools you need to reduce and remove these symptoms from your life, so that once again you will be Anxiety Free.

Manifesting Love Workshop

This workshop is part of the series True Love: Taking Love to a Higher Level
The manifesting of love is an inherent desire within all o f us. By our very essence, giving and receiving love is at the very core of who we are so it is only natural that we feel driven to find our true love.
During this very practical healing workshop, we will be using creative visualisations and experiential activities to help you resolve, heal and release your barriers to having true love. Participants will then be lead step by step through a manifesting process to bring more love into their life by either enhancing their existing love relationship or by manifesting their true love partner.

Expressing Love Workshop

Expressing Love is a practical, experiential workshop which explores the fundamental skills of effective, interpersonal communication and will explore a range of strategies for couples, friends and loved ones to employ so they can de-activate, reduce and remove conflict from their loving relationships. So let’s get back to basics and equip ourselves with effective strategies for expressing love.

Manifesting MORE Love Workshop

During this very special and practical workshop, we will focus and manifest MORE love into your life. Whether it be your husband, kids or other, we will work through a process of manifesting so you can create MORE loving and heart-felt relationships in your life.

Tantric Love Workshop

Some say it is like riding a bike, but you might be surprised how few of us get it right! Tantric Love is the beautiful method of sexual loving where two souls connect and merge at the spiritual level. This powerful act of oneness connects partners at a level that lasts long after sexual loving has ended. Tantric Love is intentional, slow and focused. More than just a set of positions, it achieves a deep connection with our love partners extending far beyond the bedroom. Tantric Love will be a fun, experiential and stimulating workshop. It will suit couples wanting to take their relationship and sexual loving to the next level. We will explore the hows and whys of Tantric Love including chakra alignment, past lives, and yes, the best positions to achieve Tantric Love.

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